5 Ways To Overcome The Hardest Parts Of Blogging

There are moments that a blogger, like any other author, is going to ‘loose the muse.’ Any idea that springs to mind seems simplistic or boring, or, worse yet, no idea comes to mind. What the hell’s a writer to do? Here are five strategies that might only clear the webs and let you find an inspiring idea for another brilliant post:

Start with the news! Open your online news page or read a newspaper to see what’s going to attract your eye. What have the leaders been up to today? Any proposed law that alarms you, or flat out, scares you? Or maybe someone is running for office or presenting a rule that you would like to endorse publicly. Any star is likely to be in trouble again; do you have something to say about that? You might have an idea of who’s going to be dating or marrying who. Who died there? A sweet remembrance post for a nice individual may be in order. What happened on this date in the last few years? Any historical incidents are worth exploring and learning about. Are you interested in sports? Some writers or blog followers are sports enthusiasts, and they may be involved in taking part in the playoffs or the players. Don’t forget to read the editorial page and give letters to the editor—do you agree with the opinions? Tell the public why or why.

Read others blogs! Start reading your favorite blogs. What are they worried about here? You might have a particular viewpoint on the current hot subject that might just be fascinating for your fellow bloggers or a view that might drive them crazy (BTW, don’t think about getting bloggers mad—most of them love to get more to grips with). If you can’t find something that encourages you in your favorite forum, click through some of those blogs that still drive you mad; those that seem to encourage anything that goes against your lifestyle. Anger is still a strong blog motivator, but don’t get too mad that you get crazy. Check on other other posts and then add your comments to your blog post. Even consider signing in to Blog Explosion, Blog Clicker, or one of the many other blog traffic generator programs—there are a lot of ideas out there that are worth writing about either from a pro or con viewpoint.

What have you been watching or hearing about? Have you been reading any good (or bad) books lately? Write about your most recent reading—recommend it, blast it, or even write an abstract for your blog (but don’t put an end to it). How about film, fantastic ones or pitiful losers could be worth a few positive or poor words—you might make a movie or a book review of the daily features of your blog. The same goes for TV shows. Start a series that covers your favorite TV program, maybe there’ll be quite a few viewers of the same show who’ll be interested in your take and enjoy your review of the episodes they missed. If there’s a book, a movie or a TV show that you think was fantastic, there’s sure to be a reviewer who did so. Pick the bad review and publish a post to counteract the reviewer’s views.

What the heck have you been doing? Your work environment, your co-workers, your bosses, your home and your family members are all a fair game for your blog—keep it brief and funny, and you’re going to have a fantastic entry. When you present a very fascinating person to your readers, you might want to do a few follow-ups. When was your last travel trip — write a travel log on where you’ve been or do some homework about some places you’d want to go to and write about them.

Have you got a special skill? If you can do something that is exceptional or something that is normal but made special because of what you know, there will be people who want to know how to do it. Offer advice on cooking, baking, washing, restoring projects, pet care, child care, makeup secrets, self care or organization tips. Make it a regular feature on your blog. If you’ve got a digital camera and find a fascinating subject, take a few pictures and write something based on the subject. Whether you find it fascinating or amusing or sad, someone else may be interested in it.

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8 thoughts on “5 Ways To Overcome The Hardest Parts Of Blogging”

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    As a new blogger, these were very helpful! I’ve been struggling to think of ideas that are actually relevant. Now this has me thinking about some upcoming topics.

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