Ways To Feel Happier

7 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Feel Happier

We all have days where we’re out of order. You often wish that you were in a happier mood. You had days like that, didn’t you? You may have managed to get yourself into a healthier frame of mind, but you have struggled to do it.

Often we get caught in our own depressive pits and forget how easy it is to feel better, so there are seven basic ways to boost the mood. A lot of people have considered them helpful. Some of them may as well surprise you!

1. Go for a walk.

Most people know that going for a short daily walk is one of the best forms of exercise. It’s much more effective when you feel down. If you can, go to a natural environment of plants and birds. Can you not conceive of such a setting? Second, what do you notice? The varying colors of greenery, the fresh scent of country air, the sounds of birds, or the sunshine that shines through the trees? Make it real by taking a quick walk away.

2. Listen to music.

Music will change the state of the listener in moments. The result can be almost divine. Find the CD that you haven’t been listening to in years or turning in your radio to something you’ve never listened to before.

3. Open yourself to discovering something new.

Read something completely different from what you would usually be reading. There are a variety of different kinds of magazines that you can buy these days. Visit the nearest library or browse the magazine shelf. Pick up or buy a magazine that you wouldn’t usually buy. You could find something amazing.

4. Find something to laugh at.

Laughter is one of the strongest ways to raise up your mood. Find a funny read, or watch a comedy. Even better, listen to a few new jokes and tell others.

5. Simple breathing meditation.

Breathing therapy is a wonderful practice you can do anywhere. Only allow yourself to sit straight on your back comfortably. Now close your eyes and be mindful of the passage of air into and out of your nostrils. This is what there is to it. Do this for the next 10-15 minutes. Note how pleasantly shocked you can be at how you feel afterwards.

6. Doodling for the fun of it. (I do this A LOT)

Many of the people will remember when they were young and used to doodle for hours. Kids love to draw dumb little images. Drawing is not exclusively for children or musicians. Whoever you’re going to grab some pens, pencils, pencils, or whatever you’ve got, and just sketch for the love of it. Note how your state of mind is changing.

7. Think of others less fortunate.

The fact that you’re reading this article means that you’re actually a lot better off than other people on this planet. Often this can be hard to imagine, but if you can read and have access to the Internet, just those two things of your own mean that you’re better off than other people in the country. There are many human beings who barely have access to the necessities of life. There are a lot of people in agony. Please encourage your concern for them to expand.

They’re all pretty easy. There’s nothing profound or life altering, but when all you need is a fast pick me up, maybe that’s exactly what you need. Putting simple concepts, strategies, tools and tactics into effect will help you create progress more rapidly and efficiently – unexpectedly, at times – than you might imagine.

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10 thoughts on “7 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Feel Happier”

  1. Avatar

    Lovely article! you made some very useful suggestions. my favorite is number 1 and 7. I love going for walks in nature and absorbing the beauty and sounds around me. it is truly therapeutic and calms my mind, body and soul. there is something regenerative about being in nature and i agree that it truly helps one feel better in no time!

    i also agree that we must practice mindfulness and gratefulness. i feel it is very important to acknowledge what we already have when so many people in the world are suffering with terminal illness, disease, pain and loss. when you put that into perspective, you realize how little our wants truly are and that we must focus on the bigger picture in life.

    thank you for this special blog. it made me smile and reminded me of the things i need to be grateful for especially during these trying times.

  2. Avatar

    Going for a walk is a great way to blow the cobwebs and worries away. Coming home and chilling to some relaxing tunes and drinking a hot cup of coffee helps me relax.

  3. Avatar

    Great ideas. Going out always helps. And if you have a pet to take care of it’s even better. Pets turn the worst days to bearable levels.

  4. Avatar

    I absolutely love these tips! They are nothing complex and are pretty much easy to do. Happiness is important, and anything that helps to get you in that mood is always welcomed. Thanks for sharing

  5. Avatar

    Great tips! Laughter is the best medicine. I used to not watch TV, but I realized some tv shows are just funny! SO now I only watch funny shows because it’s a great mood lifter to giggle at a sitcom.

  6. Avatar

    Great resource that i believe will help many people. I think one of the most life changing things is number 7. Helping people and doing things to bless others is so key. Also gratitude I have found is amazing for my mental Perspective. All the best.

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