A Little About Me

Hey I’m Nicole! 

I am a Psychology major, minoring in Social work, will have my Bachelor’s Degree in december 2021!

I am a mom to a baby boy that made his appearance on november 16, 2020 thanks to the help of fertility medicine. 

I am a lifestyle blogger  🙂

I talk about infertility, mental health, and many other things so take a look around! 🙂

My Journey

I Spent Years Dealing With A Mother Who Did Not Want To Be The Mother She Needed To Be. I Went Through So Much Abuse Mentally With Her. There Are MANY Other Factors That Contributed To My Mental Health Journey. But I Learned To Not Dwell On The Past But To Learn From It.

I Got Help For My Mental Illness May 2019 And Let Me Tell You That Was The Best Decision I Have Ever Made! It Has Helped Me Live A Clearer Life. I Have Learned To Love Myself Again!

To Say I Understand Where You Are Coming From Is An Understatement! I Have A Blog Post That Goes Into My Life A Little Deeper! If You Want To Read It Click Here.

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